And….Time Stood Still With Shriya Saran’s Happy Moments

There is no thing like sluggish mornings or monotonous days in Shriya Saran’s daily routine. The actress is known for having the best moments every single day and celebrating life to the fullest along with her husband Andrei Koscheev. Her latest series of the outdoor photoshoot will make you want to ditch your laziness and stay as energetic as her.
The eyes are the windows to the soul. Shriya’s portraits emphasize the same and we can see how the actress is happy cherishing the simple things in life. Kudos to the photographer as the sharpest element on her face are left that way, thus bringing simplicity into effect.
Shriya’s new set of pictures show the tranquillity and peace within. We also love her version of happiness. Looking at Shriya’s heartwarming smile, even our brain releases dopamine.  Don’t you think her smile is infectious to the core?
The good part is, the pictures show Shriya in her natural look sans makeup and hairstyle. She also looks graceful in the natural light portraits. The romantic pictures of the actress and her husband are way too adorable and their bonding is nothing short of a fairy tale.
Her close-up picture created a bright yet contrasted look with the cloud presumably just in front of the sun. The meticulous details in the photography are worth looking and these pictures barely need any filters as the natural light diffusion creates rich and powerful portraits.