Celebrities Talking 'Boothulu' On Twitter

Celebrities Talking 'Boothulu' On Twitter

Many actors, directors, writers and above all few heroines are regularly engaging with their followers on micro blogging site 'twitter'. Most of the times, 90% of what they tell, write, utter and shout is false, says an observer.

A writer who is very active in cine circles talks a lot about screenplay, dialogues and film making stuff before sounding like a Hollywood technician. Fact is that he failed to direct one good movie and his debut itself is a blunder.

A heroine who is not even having one hit movie to her career talks a lot about her careful selection of projects. Not stopping there she shares her glamour secrets even though she looks flabby and odd in some angles.

Finally a hero who never scored a hit other than his debut movie talks a lot of movies and their future in 2020. Looks like, a thousand of followers means he is a true celebrity and he can blabber whatever that comes to his mind.

Interestingly, directors who are busy and not so busy are maintaining a decent run in twitter by not talking too much and over the board.

It is not that these people should not talk all this stuff, say simply 'boothulu', but the way they have to put it on the social circuit needs a correction. As long as you are a thief, you have no right to talk about robberies!