No Truth In The Sequel Of Venkatesh’s Narappa

Suresh Babu and Venkatesh disappointed many when they announced that Narappa would be out on Amazon Prime.

Fans were a bit hurt with the decision of Venkatesh as they wanted to see the film on the big screen. Now, since the last few days, there have been reports going around that Narappa will have a sequel. 

The reports further suggested that Srikanth Addala, who made Narappa has also come up with a script for the sequel.

Now, we have come to know from our sources that all these reports are false as Suresh Babu and Venkatesh have no such plans in the days to come. 

Venkatesh is busy with F3 and Suresh Babu is busy with multiple films of his which are on floors. In the meantime, Venkatesh’s other film, Drishyam 2 will also go the OTT way and the release date will be out soon.