Telangana Thalli is Sonia Amma: Revanth Reddy

T-PCC chief Revanth Reddy has sent a direct warning to Telangana CM KCR from Indravelli where the T-Congress hosted Dalita, Ghirijana Dandora in counter to TRS government’s ‘Dalit Bandhu.’

“KCR now has just 20 months of time and until then he can happily rest in his farm house. After that KCR will be sent to Cherlapalli jail for his corruption. Kalvakuntla family has indulged in a lot of corruption and every penny will be extracted from him by the next Congress government,” said Revanth Reddy.

Adding, “We are noting down every wrongdoing of KCR and will be paid back with double the interest. It’s only when there are any elections KCR displays sudden love for Dalits and minorities. In the first TRS government, there was no woman in the cabinet and he later skipped the promise of Dalit CM. After appointing a Dalit deputy CM, he was thrown away mercilessly on the charges of corruption. But KCR did not touch other ministers who indulged in many irregularities.”

On the main event, Revanth said though he is not a Dalit or Aadivasis, he was brought up in Nallamalla forest and does know the adversity. However Revanth chanted ‘Sonia Amma Rajyam’ constantly in his speech and added Telangana Thalli (Mother) is ‘Sonia Amma Thalli’

The last comment from Revanth Reddy will invite a lot of response. Let’s wait for TRS and BJP’s comments.

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