Can PK and Sharmila repeat the feat of Jagan?

After the exit of Indira Shoban, YSRTP is lacking bankable leaders. Despite party chief Sharmila agitation on issues like unemployment and suicides, there is lukewarm response. Yet Sharmila wants to continue to do protests every week so that she can stay in the media’s attention.

But in order to strengthen her party more, Sharmila has signed up popular political strategist Prashant Kishor. However, after the West Bengal Assembly elections, PK has decided to quit this poll strategist job and take up full time politics. Accordingly PK is busy with his activities and so we might wonder how Prashant Kishor will help Sharmila.

Apparently Sharmila has reportedly signed a deal with PK even before the West Bengal Assembly polls and accordingly he has given his word to work for Sharmila’s YSRTP. From YSRTP sources we hear that PK would begin his work for Sharmila from September.

Although PK will not be directly involved in strengthening YSRTP, his team, which had extensively worked for him, will be deployed. A few days back when Sharmila interacted with the media, she questioned what’s wrong in taking suggestions and help from people like PK.

So that’s evident that Sharmila is all set to pull her socks in Telangana. Can PK and Sharmila repeat the feat of Jagan?