My Singing May Not Be Great, But I Tried: Balayya

Balakrishna finally fulfilled his longing to sing NTR’s Siva Shankari song and it was released on the eve of his birthday. It garnered mixed reactions all over and Balayya seems to have understood it.

Last night while thanking for the birthday wishes poured in from everywhere, Balayya also thanked all for receiving his song well.

While admitting his singing is not great or wonderful, he sure claims it an attempt out of pure interest to sing a great song like Siva Shankari.

Balakrishna while speaking about the song, said he is determined to sing that particular song for a long time. Though he tried a bit of singing here and there like Mama Ek Peg la, or like many other heroes who tried singing on chai, beedi, Peg and paan, Balayya wanted to experiment and adventure with a challenging song.

Well, Balayya’s attempt is laudable, but many feel that Balayya should have practiced the lyrics and tune for a little longer so it might have turned up better. There are others who frankly feel that Balakrishna should not have touched the classic, which really is a tough one for professional singers.

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