Pawan Kalyan Is Not A ‘Power Star’ Anymore?

It is a common tradition in Indian film industries, particularly in South films to have a ‘star’ prefix to each star hero’s name. Though some get it from fans, some get named after their best quality that impressed all. When times change, the prefixes change too. While some shed it completely, some change it to newer ones like King Nagarjuna, Icon Star Allu Arjun. Here is our very own ‘Powerstar’, who is trying to get rid of that tag!

Pawan Kalyan never really acknowledged his ‘star’ tag and if we look at the recent happenings, he is trying to get rid of that ‘Powerstar’ from his name. On the occasion of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday, the makers of his upcoming films released some posters and not a single one from them has the mention of ‘Powerstar’.

Pawan Kalyan’s name is often mentioned as PSPK, a short form of ‘Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’. But not writing the same on any new poster can not be a coincidence, but an intended attempt from the actor-politician to distance himself from the filmy name tags.

To dig deeper into it, the tweets from some technicians like Thaman have the word ‘leader’ added to Pawan Kalyan’s name. This move from Pawan Kalyan might be an attempt to send a message that he is equally interested in politics and movies.

Be it ‘Powerstar’ or ‘Janasenani’ or any new terms that his intelligent friends coin for him, the star prefixes won’t be able to bring any major changes or impressions.

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