Ram Pothineni Still Cashing On ‘Ismart’ Success

Trying to cement his position for a long time, handsome hero Ram Pothineni has finally found his rhythm with Ismart Shankar. Though that happened a couple of years ago, it looks like the actor is still cashing on that ismart success in a big way. Here’s an interesting piece of news that is heard about him.

After the super success of mass film Ismart Shankar, actually, Ram failed to ride on that wave as his RED hasn’t excited many. But then, the actor’s market and remuneration have grown big time post that film. It is being heard that Ram is taking home nearly 20 crores for his movie under Linguswamy’s direction. And for other producers who are approaching him, he is now said to be quoting nearly 25 crores as his pay packet.

With Ismart Shankar collecting nearly 36+ crores share from box office alone, it looks like Ram’s demand is justified but then his other films also collect similarly to make sure that producers get profits after making a movie with him by offering 20+ crores as a paycheck. On the other hand, a big production house that want to make a movie with Ram recently is said to have got stunned with this quote and is in two minds now.