Bigg Boss S5 E10: Violence And Aggression Takes Centre Stage

All the contestants started speaking to the one who nominated them and started talking on the back of another that the other one is playing a safe game. The whole house started to portray Lobo as a mindless contestant and someone who doesn’t know how to play the game. At the same time, Ravi, Shanmukh and Siri started to discuss that Sunny is acting in front of cameras as a cool dude and will be caught one day.

Both Ravi and Sunny asked Natraj master about whom he said ‘gunta nakka’ during the nominations task. Later while speaking with Sunny, Nataraj indirectly hinted that he is referring to Ravi only. Anyway with Bigg Boss initiating the task to gain captaincy, two teams, Eagles and Wolves are made to compete with each other. As part of the first task, the two teams have to steal batons from the dugout of others. The team that has more batons of them will win.

During the task, contestants like Anne master and Siri started to hide the batons inside their t-shirt and though Sunny haven’t really touched that, Siri accused him of touching inappropriately. But she has refused to argue hoping that Bigg Boss will speak about it after watching in the cameras. Ravi and Viswa from opposite teams started into a heated argument when Lobo fell sick. Ravi later explained that he called Viswa and Sriram badly only because he felt that they are overreacting for Lobo. But somewhere, it didn’t look well, and Sriram seems to be genuinely caring for Lobo while Ravi is being cool.

Meanwhile, with men contestants like Manas hiding the batons in their pants, Siri was quite hellbent to pick them up though Shanmukh and Viswa are against it, calling it unethical. At the same time, Sriramchandra’s cool attitude and the way he dealt with situations is giving him a new raise in the house. He breathed fire on Kajal for interfering and raising her voice against him always. But anyway, the task is going a little harsh with contestants turning violent and aggressive with each other. Especially Siri and Swetha are proving that they could be harsher than anyone else.

However, the whole task hasn’t ended in the episode and the violence continues.

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