#RRR Team Asking Jr Artists To Control Excitement

Everyone who has worked for Rajamouli’s upcoming magnum opus #RRR is eagerly waiting for the release of the movie such that they will get their due recognition. Featuring stalwarts Jr NTR and Ram Charan in the lead along with an ensemble cast, this epic film set in a pre-independent era backdrop, is garnering immense attention from across India.

To cash on the craze, few actors, most some unknown Jr Artists who got to play a 2-3 dialogue character in #RRR, are coming to YouTube channels to give interviews. During one such interview, a lady has revealed that there is a scene where Ram Charan lashes on the back of NTR with a whip and added that Charan cried after doing that scene. This became news in no time with newspapers and TV channels covering it big time.

Hoping that actors would not give away interesting snippets to the audiences in that way, the #RRR team is said to be taking some care now. They are requesting all these small actors to control their excitement until the release date gets annuonced. They are asking them to keep quiet such that they will not give unwanted spoilers to the audience. Though the team made similar requests earlier as well, somehow some artists who were part of the film are in a hurry to get fame, we hear.

#RRR shoot got wrapped almost but a new release date is yet to be announced.

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