Naga Babu Deletes Old Tweets On Prakash Raj!

The Movie Artists Association (MAA) elections will take place on the 10th of October. Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu are the prime contenders for the President post in the elections. Prakash Raj is banking on the support from Megastar Chiranjeevi and his family. In order to put a check on Manchu Vishnu, the Mega family put their differences with Prakash Raj aside and extended their support.

Mega brother Naga Babu never liked Prakash Raj. Last year, when Prakash Raj openly criticized Pawan Kalyan for his double standards over the support to the central government, Naga Babu gave a counter.

Taking to Twitter, Naga Babu criticized Prakash Raj in November last year. Naga Babu shared a personal note where he even mentioned that the actor lures directors for opportunities and the producers are never happy with him. Naga Babu also gave counters to Prakash Raj on his political views.

Cut to the present, Naga Babu is seen extending his support to Prakash Raj and his panel members in the ongoing MAA Elections. Naga Babu also confirmed that Chiranjeevi is also extending his support to Prakash Raj. On multiple occasions, Naga Babu criticized Manchu Vishnu’s panel and requested the movie artists to vote for Prakash Raj.

With his old tweets catching attention again, Naga Babu immediately deleted them. The screenshots of his old tweets are currently being circulated on social media.

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