Raghu Babu Wins Against Jeevitha With 7 Vote Majority

Jeevitha Rajasekhar and Raghu Babu contested for the General Secretary position in the Movie Artists Association (MAA) elections. Jeevitha contested from the Prakash Raj’s panel while Raghu Babu contested from Manchu Vishnu’s panel.

Raghu Babu tasted a victory over Jeevitha Rajasekhar with a majority of 7 votes and it clearly says that the election was tight between the two.

Meanwhile, Bandla Ganesh’s last-minute charm has worked in the favor of Raghu Babu. From the beginning, Ganesh is not happy with Jeevitha’s participation in the elections, that too, from Prakash Raj’s panel.

Bandla Ganesh initially filed a nomination for the General Secretary post but then withdrew the same to support the Prakash Raj’s panel. But, yesterday, he asked to vote for everyone in Prakash Raj’s panel except for Jeevitha.

Ganesh has rooted for Raghu Babu and he tasted a decent victory. Raghu Babu will be the General Secretary now!

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