Please Don’t Be hasty: Vishnu to PR

Owing to the defeat in MAA elections, actor Prakash Raj has resigned to the primary membership. Prakash Raj is upset that the polling happened on local and non-local basis and realised it late that he is still an outsider in the industry.

After resigning, Prakash Raj sent a WhatsApp message to the newly elected MAA President Manchu Vishnu and requested him to accept it. In reply Vishnu asked Prakash Raj not to take decisions in haste.

“Dear uncle, Thank you. I am not happy with your decision. You are much elder to me and you know that success and failure are two sides of the same coin and we have to treat these two imposters the same. I request you not to be emotional. You are an integral part of our family. I need your ideas and we need to work together. I request you not to reply back to me now, I will meet you soon and we will discuss. I love you uncle and please don’t be hasty,” replied Vishnu.

He shared the WhatsApp screen shot of the message he sent to Prakash Raj and wrote, “For the future. We are one. Always.”

But from Prakash Raj’s side we hear that he is in no mood to continue as a member of MAA and Vishnu’s pacifying message would go in vain.

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