Romantic Trailer: Wild Romance Of Bold Couple

The title Romantic itself indicate it is loaded with romance. Staying true to its title, the film’s trailer promises wild romance of the bold couple. Akash Puri and Ketika Sharma are the lead pair and the film is directed by debutante Anil Paduri with Puri Jagannadh penning story, screenplay and dialogues. Prabhas has unveiled the film’s trailer today.

Akash Puri is crazy about Ketika Sharma. “I like this animal,” says Akash referring to Ketika’s body and then he advances and goes completely wild with the girl.

He doesn’t miss any opportunity to be romantic with her and craves for more. She too starts enjoying the romantic relationship with him. In the meantime, Ramya Krishna who is a police officer questions them separately about their relationship and they say it’s an attraction. However, Ramya Krishna concludes they are madly in love, without each other’s knowledge.

These go to an extent of shooting police officers and interesting aspect is Akash is shown as a cop in the last visuals. The end is also very romantic with Akash carrying Ketika on his shoulders at the beach.

Dialogues are largely appealing to youth, while Puri’s stamp is there on every sequence. Newcomer Anil Paduri impresses with his taking, wherein Naresh’s camera work is commendable.

On the whole, the trailer gives an impression that Romantic is a wildest love story of a boldest couple. Needless to say, Romantic trailer upsurges all the expectations on the movie.