Bigg Boss Telugu: Half Of Them Nominated!

The popular TV reality show Bigg Boss successfully completed 7 weeks. The show is in the eighth week now. Priya was eliminated in the seventh week and the eighth-week eliminations are going to be interesting.

There are six members in the nominations of the eighth week. Maanas Nagulapalli, Siri, Shanmukh, Ravi, Sreeram Chandra, and Lobo are placed in the nominations.

Lobo has been in the nominations continuously for three weeks now. He was in the secret room for a couple of days last week. Now, he is finally in the nominations again. Most likely, he might get eliminated this week.

For the last two weeks, there are more than 8 members in the nominations. Surprisingly, there are 6 members in the nominations now among 12 members.

The TV show is generating good TRP numbers and is the most-watched TV show in Telugu right now.

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