Allu Arjun’s Complements Motivated Me: Naga Shaurya

Naga Shaurya is hoping big on his next release Varudu Kavalenu arriving in cinemas tomorrow. It’s his first time association with Sithara Entertainment, actress Ritu Varma and director Lakshmi Sowjanya. The actor, a day ahead of his film’s release, interacted with media.

How was your association with director Lakshmi Sowjanya?
I met her at the Chalo success party in 2018. After congratulating me for the success, she narrated me the story. The film got delayed for various reasons and major being the lockdown. Sowjanya akka is my second female director. I earlier worked with Nandini Reddy for Oh Baby and Kalyana Vaibhogame. The big benefit of working with female director is they don’t easily get irritated and they have lots of patience.

What impressed you to do Varudu Kaavalenu?
When we enter 30’s, everyone starts asking about marriage plans. It’s tough for one to go through such situations. They need to understand whether the boy or girl is really ready for marriage. I liked the point and it will connect to all. It sounded a fresh subject for me. Moreover, I have many similarities with the character Akash.

What’s your opinion on marriage and contemporary relationships?
I am not against marriage system. The thing with marriages is that you can’t exactly plan it. It’s actually destiny that will take us forward accordingly. I don’t have any expectations from my partner but I’ll definitely respect her privacy and occupation.

What’s your special memory with director Trivikram Srinivas?
Yes, there’s Trivikram’s contribution for the film. I got to do a scene for which he had written the dialogues and I was in bliss while performing for it.

Why are you so confident about the film?
Firstly, I liked the story, when I first heard it. I was happy when I saw rushes of the movie, during production stages. And, I’m very sure about the film’s result, after watching the final outcome. The film has a blockbuster mark written all over it.

How did you feel on Allu Arjun’s comments on you at pre-release?
I thank Allu Arjun anna for appreciating my acting skills and also for calling me a self-made actor. His complements have motivated me to improve myself as an actor.

Shaurya further informs his other film Lakshya is due for a release in November. “A film under my home production is nearing competion. I’ll next be doing a film with Srinivas Avasarala titled Phalana Ammayi Phalana Abbayi.