Language Issue Led Virataparvam To Skip Release?

In a recent interview ace producer, Suresh Babu made it clear that Rana Daggubati’s latest movie Virata Parvam is heading to Netflix rather than a theatrical release. But then, what made this movie get delayed all these days and how did the film is ending up in an OTT platform? Buzz has that, the language of the film led to all this.

Apparently, director Venu Udugula of Needhi Naadhi Oke Katha fame is said to have carved out this Naxalism backdrop story in typical Telangana slang. Problem is that even the modern Telangana folks are not able to understand half of the film as the slang the director carved out is filled with the fast uttering of words and unfamiliar words. This is said to have upset Suresh Babu and they are said to have reshot many scenes with simple Telugu dialogues rather than unclear slang words.

While that has led to reshoots, all these reshoots are said to have costed a bomb for the producers and Suresh Babu is said to have conveyed to them that going to OTT is going to save all the investment while success at theatres cannot be guaranteed for films that have stories woven around revolutionaries. And with commercial elements not so thick, surely the decision to release Virata Parvam on Netflix sounds logical.

Featuring Rana as a leader of the Naxalite group, Virata Parvam also has Sai Pallavi, Priyamani and other prominent actors in lead roles.