Promo: Self-made star Nani goes UNSTOPPABLE with NBK

‘Unstoppable with NBK’ is the latest talk show in the town. Nandamuri Balakrishna turned a host for this Aha talk show and the first episode with Mohan Babu already caught everyone’s attention. Now, Natural Star Nani is the second guest on the show. The show organizers launched the second episode’s promo today.

Balakrishna introduced Nani as a hero who rose to stardom with no background. “Ee roju mana guest, mee nunchi vachadu. Self-made ki surname Nani,” Balakrishna said. Balakrishna was expecting Nani from backstage but Nani appears in the crowd.

Just like the first episode, the second episode promo is also a mix of fun, and emotional elements. Both Balakrishna and Nani played a cricket-like game. “I enjoy playing cricket. There will be a cricket kit in my car wherever I go,” said Balakrishna, adding, “including a guard”. It split everyone into laughs.

When Balakrishna shared that watching his father’s films with Mansion house is relaxation for him, Nani told the Simha actor that watching films is relaxation for him as well. Immediately, Balakrishna counters Nani saying, “Pulihora Kaburlu Cheppaku.”

Nani shared interesting aspects of his life, career, and especially the phase where two of his films were released directly on the OTT.

The episode will premiere on 12th November on Aha.