Puneeth Deposited Rs 8 Crores For Philanthropic Work?

Puneeth Rajkumar’s sad passing away came as a rude shock to his fans and also the entire South Indian film fraternity. Even 10 days after the demise of the Kannada superstar, thousands of people are thronging to visit his Samadhi every day and offering their final respects.

Now, a real-life heroic act of Puneeth has come to light and it goes on to show that the star actor was a gem of a person off the screen as well. Reportedly, Puneeth had previously deposited a sum of Rs 8 crores in fixed deposits to carry forward his philanthropic projects.

Now that Puneeth has passed away, the said amount will reportedly be used to financially support the 26 orphanage homes, 16 old age homes, 19 Goshalas, and the 45 schools that were previously operated by him.

This shows that Puneeth was always caring for the underprivileged and did not want them to suffer even in case something happened to him. The fact that he deposited Rs 8 crores for these philanthropic projects ahead of his demise proves the same. However, Puneeth’s family is yet to comment about the Rs 8 crores deposit.

On a related note, Tamil actor, Vishal has also vowed to take up Puneeth’s free education for 1800 students starting from next year.

It is known that Puneeth passed away on the 29th of October after suffering a severe cardiac arrest. His last film, James will apparently be released in theatres after a series of digital enhancements pertaining to Puneeth’s dubbing.