‘Chay Doesn’t Like Me Doing Movies’

Niharika Konidela has got candid best in ETV’s Alitho Saradaga interview and this interview of hers is going viral for her honest answers. Niharika opened up on various things – ranging from profession to personal to mega family. During this interview, Niharika admitted that her husband Chaitanya Jonnalagadda doesn’t like her doing movies. She said, “My husband (Chaitanya JV) doesn’t like me acting in movies. That’s why I gave up doing films.”

Niharika said that heroines these days are continuing their filmy career even after marriage and career isn’t affected by it. She gave Samantha as an example. “Take Samantha for instance. Even after marriage, her craze has only increased. She is doing quite well after marriage too.” Niharika said that she gave up acting as her husband is not interested in it.

The Mega daughter said she is now busy with production. She however hasn’t given up acting completely but became quite choosy post marriage. Niharika said she is acting in a super web series whose details can’t be shared now. She said she is acting opposite Youtuber Nikhiluu who is playing the lead role.

Interestingly, Ali asked Niharika who among the mega brothers (Chiranjeevi, Naga Babu and Pawan Kalyan) is her most favourite. Pat came reply. She said, “My Dad! I love my dad. I also love Peddananna and Babayi.”