Samantha Shares Proof Of #MyMommaSaid Quotes


Ever since she is staying separately from Naga Chaitanya, queen bee Samantha started posting some random quotes on her Instagram stories, to which she adds the hashtag, #MyMommaSaid. That made many wonder if her mom really shares all the quotes or the ravishing siren is sharing the ones she likes in the name of her mother.

Clearing all such doubts, the other day Samantha shared the WhatsApp screenshot of her mother’s account. While she blacked out the other chat with her mom, she showcased how her mom actually shares her random quotes from various sources on their personal whatsapp. No doubt, it looks like some forwarded quotes are coming to Sam from her mother only, that too in the morning itself.

From now onwards, if Samantha shares any quote with #MyMommaSaid hashtag, surely we have to believe that it came from her mother only. Her mother stays in Chennai along with other family members and Samantha’s stays alone here in the Gachibowli she has built together with Chay.

Of course, even for the personal chat, it looks like Samantha has turned off the last seen and blue tick options. We couldn’t help but notice it.

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