Samantha Opens Up On Her Divorce

It has been three months since Naga Chaitanya and Samantha were separated after nearly four years of their married life. Since the announcement has been made, neither of them have opened up on separation on any public platform.

Recently, Samantha, during an actor’s roundtable at Film Companion, said that she absolutely comprehends her fans’ disappointment, however, she pointed out the manner in which the sadness and regret were conveyed to her should have been different, a little gentler.

The actress said, “A divorce in itself is an extremely painful process. Let alone allow me the time to heal. This attack on me personally, has been relentless.” However, she promised that she wouldn’t allow any such thing to break her. Talking about her expectations for the New Year, Samantha said, “With everything that has happened with my personal life in 2021, I really have no expectations. All my carefully laid plans have crumbled. I have no expectations, I am open to whatever the future has in store for me. I just know that I will give it my very best.”

“Yes, they are going to troll and abuse you but then, disagreements happen even between friends and family, right?” However, she further added, that while she did not ask for ‘unconditional acceptance’, the disapproval could have been communicated differently. She exclaimed about how she was overwhelmed by her fans’ hateful reaction. She recalled that the fans alleged she had affairs, didn’t want children, had abortions, and was an opportunist. She was extremely hurt.

Coming out of separation is not easy for any individual and it looks like even Samantha is yet to recover from her breakup.

However, she is making sure to keep herself busy with the professional commitments and is avoiding her professional commitments to affect her.

On the career front, Samantha is currently awaiting the release of her upcoming Tamil film Kathu Vaakula Rendu Kaadhal. She com

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