House Loan – Car Loan – Balayya Babu Cyclone


Other day in a special interview, talented composer SS Thaman revealed how Nandamuri Balakrishna’s fans are rejoicing in the success of Akhanda, by sharing many memes and one-liners on the Nandamuri hero. The composer was so ecstatic that he himself took out his phone few of the crazy one-liners that lift Balayya to the sky.

Some of the one-liners read by Thaman are as follows:

Bendakaya Dondakaya – Balayya Babu Gundekaya
Annamlo Peruguledu – Balayya Babulo Tiruguledu
Vanosthe Current kotha.. Balayya Babu gundello motha
Minapattu, Pesarattu – Balayya Babu Thodakottu
Ramudu, Bheemudu – Ma Balayya Devudu
Pacific ocena chala deepu- Ma Balayya Thopu
House Loan – Car Loan – Balayya Babu Cyclone

Reacting on these liners Balayya said, “Some of the fans who adore me like this don’t even lead a good life and struggle to live. But still, they show lots of idolization towards me for which I’m indebted to them forever in this life. It’s just God’s gift to me I should say”.

On the other hand, Thaman’s one-liners are now going super popular on the social media as Akhanda continues its roar at the box office.

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