Is There A Sound Problem In Akhanda OTT Version?

One of the most loved aspects of Balayakrishna’s latest stupendous blockbuster “Akhanda” is nothing but the sound. The thumping background score and the roaring sound effects designed by Thaman made him another hero of the movie. But then, here is a small glitch being heard from some quarters.

Apparently, with Akhanda arriving on Hotstar OTT, everyone is excited to feel Thaman’s sound work yet again. However, there are complaints coming up from certain quarters that the sound quality is quite poor when the film is watched on high-quality home theatre systems.

They say that the 5.1 surround audio of the film is not included with the OTT version in a perfect way while the 2.1 version is not giving the huge kick Thaman’s music was supposed to give.

On the other hand, people watching Akhanda on mobiles and normal TV sets have no complaints but are busy praising Thaman’s work and also the visual brilliance of Boyapati Sreenu. Maybe the team of Akhanda and Hotstar should once again recheck if there is any real issue with the sound track of the film.