Video: Vaani Flaunts Golden Abs & Silver Words

Despite having some spicy roles and interesting films to her credit, the lack of a blockbuster success made curvaceous siren Vaani Kapoor to slow down a bit in Bollywood. However, her latest movie Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui got her enormous craze, not from a glamour point of view but also she won applause for acting prowess too.

In between these movies, Vaani makes sure that she will flaunt huge doses of bewitching beauty in order to hit the headlines. And other day, she posted a video from her latest photoshoot work, and that took social media by storm.

Slipping into a dazzling silver and white bikini, and wearing palazzo pants over them, the hottie gave ample view of her washboard ads that are shining in the gold. And the caption she posted caught our attention too.

“Too many people miss the silver lining in search of gold,” the actress wrote, as she dazzled like burning gold, thereby steaming up the mood of almost 1.5 million viewers who have caught the video on her Instagram page. Needless to say, her incredible physique makes sure that she’s a pure gold goddess who uttered some silver words other day.