Amazon’s Second Attempt To Beat ‘Game Of Thrones’

Any OTT platform that is coming up with a new show especially in the fantasy sector always targets to beat “Game Of Thrones”. And Amazon Prime Video has always tried to bet GoT but somehow they are unable to achieve that. Recently they have come up with the web series “Wheel Of Time” featuring Rosamund Pike in the lead but failed miserably.

To make sure that they will be making it big this time, Amazon has now chosen to come up with a spin-off of the super hit Lord Of The Rings films. Recently the streaming giant has released the teaser of “The Lord Of The Rings, The Rings Of Power” and it has some impressive things we have to say. But then, Amazon is focusing mostly on delivering high-end graphics most of the time, but the drama is missing out. Let’s hope this series will have that needed drama to engage like how Game Of Thrones did.

As the characters of The Lord Of The Rings are quite popular like the characters of Game Of Thrones, it will be quite a simple task for sure for Amazon to make it a blockbuster. For now, Game Of Thrones remains the top contender and No 1 series in the fantasy epic zone.