Pic Talk: Pragya’s Throwback Bikini Fest Is Spicy

One of the most beautiful heroines ever is none other than Pragya Jaiswal whose charms have smitten Tollywood long back though she’s yet to get bitten by some luck. This ‘Akhanda’ beauty who has toned down her glamour treat on the silver screen int he recent times, makes sure that her social media pages however will overflow with doses of spice.

Sharing an old photoshoot picture, other day Pragya said, “Just gonna pretend I’m on holiday coz why not”, as she spiced up with the ‘beauty’ look in a dazzling black bikini. Flaunting her curvaceous body quite effortlessly, Pragya wants to make sure that her seductive sex appeal will bowl out many fans just like that. No doubt, many would want to see more of such #Throwbacks from the Kanche siren.

Though she’s getting big offers occasionally in Tollywood, she is one potential lady who could shake the silver screen when given the right role and appropriate glamour-backed setup. This actress turned lawyer is right now trying to grab some big films including one with Megastar Chiranjeevi as her Akhanda charms have mesmerised everyone.