Sai Dharam Releases Video Note To Curb Rumours

Last year in September, Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej met with a bike accident which pushed him into a coma for months. Though he has recovered and was discharged from the hospital, he never spoke to the media and was never seen at any outside events. Due to that, people started doubting that the actor might have lost his voice during the accident and hence not speaking to anyone.

In a specially recorded video, Sai Dharam has in fact thanked Syed Abdul Fahad for taking him to the hospital and saving him, and then expressed his gratitude for the doctors who have treated him. He thanked all of his uncles, cousins, fans, producers and directors for standing by him during the tough time.

More than anything, Sai Dharam Tej thanked his fans for praying for him, walking on the knees to temples and doing special prayers for his wellness. At the same time, the actor confirmed that he has learned a lot about gratitude and wellbeing, as well as about happiness during this six-month hiatus.

The actor confirmed that his new film will be going to sets from 28th March, which is going to be produced by Sukumar and Bapineedu of SVSC. Meanwhile, the actor advised everyone to wear helmets while driving.