Mahesh Babu To Turn Brand Ambassador Of Jio TV+?

When it comes to brand endorsements in South India, the king of grabbibng such offers is none other than Mahesh Babu. There was a time when Samantha stated that the superstar is grabbing away the endorsements of heroines as well as he took away Paragon and South India Shopping Mall ads from her.

Though the market is quite dull right now when it comes to promotions and marketing due to Covid-19 induced lockdown and loss of business, brands that provide essential services are making use of the scene a lot. And recently, Reliance has grabbed headlines again by talking about “Jio TV+” set-top box where they are going to revolutionise by giving a single login for 12 different OTT platforms including Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar.

Reports are now coming that the two days of talks that happened between Mahesh Babu’s team and Reliance Jio have turned out to be positive. In all likelihood, the star will be endorsing Jio TV+ throughout India along with another Bollywood star. Though nothing is confirmed official, they say that Reliance Jio is unable to find any other big actor down south who has such a massive following like Mahesh.

While there are a couple of other stars who could grab this chance, actually those stars are little poor skilled when it comes to grabbing brand endorsements.

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