Buzz: Samantha Fans Trolling Nayantara’s Boyfriend

Other day the much awaited “Two Two Two” song glimpse from the upcoming film “Kanmani, Rambo, Kathija” was released and fans of both Nayantara and Samantha got delighted by it. While Nayan sported a saree look and looked absolutely fabulous, Samantha is pretty hot in the short pink dress she wore. So what’s the problem then?

Apparently, some hardcore fans of Samantha have started trolling director Vignesh Shivan, who happens to be the boyfriend of Nayantara. They started accusing him that he has shown his future wife in a saree look without any sort of skin show but made Samantha splash her assets in a revealing outfit.

The fact is that Nayan has stepped out of the skin-show zone long back, while Samantha is still flaunting her hotness on the silver screen with Oo Antava being the epitome of her glamour.

Of course, these hardcore fans do like their favorite starlet splashing her ravishing looks all over, but they are concerned about the fact that when Nayan is projected as a beautiful lady without any skin show, why did the director use Samantha as eye-candy in the song. Well, that’s something only Samantha or the director could answer about, isn’t it?