Mega Daughter To Host A Travel Show Soon?

Mega daughter Niharika Konidela is back on social media after the infamous pub incident, though she has deactivated her Instagram account months before that.

And since then, she is flooding the internet with her travel pictures, which are really awesome and prove the point that she and her husband JV Chaitanya are very good at clicking pictures with iPhone and also DSLR camera.

Currently, Niharika and Chay have just completed their short trip to Jordan where they had a gala of a time. And rumours are popping up that the couple was offered to host a travel show in Telugu, documenting their travel and taking a camera crew along with them.

A leading channel is said to have given them this opportunity and the Telugu version of the show will be streamed on a Telugu OTT platform while the English version will be featured on national TV.

Though the authenticity of this rumour could not be verified, fans of Niharika are expecting this travel show from her, for a long time ago. But then, the pretty lady is busy with various production assignments as well as her next acting assignment too.

With her Pink Elephant Pictures literally busy with various projects, we have to see if these rumours will be news or not.