Aadi Special Show In Dallas On NTR’s Birthday!

Fans find new ways to celebrate their favorite star’s accomplishments and birthdays. The fans of NTR in the USA have decided to celebrate Tarak’s birthday with a special show of his old movie.

NTR fans in the USA have arranged a special show of his ‘Aadi’ on the occasion of Tarak’s birthday on May 20, this Friday. The show will be at 8 PM CST on Friday, May 20 and the location is Galaxy Grandscape, Dallas Texas.

No matter how big blockbusters NTR scores in his career, Aadi has got a special fan base. It was a sensation back then and now after 20 years of its release, the fans are set to reminisce the thrill and recreate the theater euphoria they had.

We have seen fans arranging special shows in India when a movie is a 10 or 20-year milestone, but this is really a first of its kind to release a 20-year-old movie in a USA theater!