Koratala Working Day & Night For May 20?

It has already come out from multiple sources that the first look and other details of #NTR30 will be released on May 20th on the eve of Jr NTR’s birthday. Moreover, this film is a challenge of sorts for Koratala Siva as he needs to re-align his shaken image due to the disastrous result Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Acharya extracted from the box office.

Reports are coming out that the poster designers of #NTR30 are having a tough time for Koratala Siva regarding this new film. Keeping the taste of Koratala in mind after looking at the posters of Janata Garage and other successful films of the director, the poster designer is said to have come up with a version. However, Koratala is not happy with it, and he is literally working day and night along with his designers to bring out some ‘massy’ theme posters for the film.

Though most of Koratala’s film posters are classy and designers would easily come up with ideas of what he likes, this time the director is said to have emulated a massy look without any hint of class. Looks like the result of Acharya has impacted Koratala a lot as this happens to be his first ever flop in his career.