Emotional Sai Pallvi Breaks Down After Meeting Sarala’s Family

Virata Parvam’s Aathmeeya Veduka organized yesterday in Warangal was a grand gala. Entire team graced the occasion which saw huge turnout. Meanwhile, the team got cordial welcome from the family of original Vennela.

It is known that, Virata Parvam is inspired by the real-life character Sarala, although the name was changed to Vennela in the film. As the team was in Warangal for the event, they also visited the family of Sarala.

Sarala’s mother moved to tears, after seeing Sai Pallavi and the team. They felt as if their daughter who’s no more came back home. What’s more, they presented Sai Pallavi with saree. This unexpected act of the family made Sai Pallavi emotional.

Sai Pallavi, as we all know, is very grounded and is actively participating the film, along with Rana and director Venu Udugula. The film generated positive buzz, post the release of trailer.

Virata Parvam is due for release on June 17th.