Are There Any Takers For KGF Collectibles?

Of course, KGF: Chapter 2 is a bigger blockbuster than “RRR” when it comes to collecting hugely from the box office. But then, the film hasn’t got accolades like how a Baahubali and RRR got praised by the world. And the question here is, why would people get rooted to characters and weapons in a routine commercial film.

Like how the makers of Baahubali have launched merchandise of the film including T-shirts and Caps that got the character names and faces of Baahubali printed on each of them, even the KGF team launched a product now. These are nothing but collectible statues of the movie, which include Rocky Bhai’s statue, his hammer, his bike, gun and much more. These are sculptures that could be used as table-tops for decoration.

While these kinds of collectibles see huge sales when they belong to the likes of Avengers or other superhero characters, will kids and adults buy the statues of KGF movies’ characters and some weapons from online stores? For a film that went to such a big stature, maybe selling collectibles is not a great idea because of the genre it belongs to.