We Praise Karan Johar, But Blast Trivikram?

Bollywood director and producer Karan Johar is having a huge following down the south. Many youngsters and film enthusiasts like him for being that flamboyant guy who not only directed some terrific commercial films but produces many blockbusters through Dharma Productions and also hosts talk shows. And how is this linked to Trivikram?

With Trivikram’s wife directly taking credit for some of the upcoming Telugu films as a producer through “Fortune4” banner, some film lovers and critics are always taking a jibe at the wizard of words.

They are busy saying that the director is focusing on making lots of money through this production house, but nothing else. Well, who is making movies here for fun and spending 100s of crores on a film just to sprinkle it in the theatres? Movies itself are a business and Trivikram’s latest movie is an appreciable thing if we have to say.

Many star directors just earn money and save it by investing in other businesses. But it is good to see that Trivikram is either writing for other films or co-producing films like Danush’s Sir, Vaishnav Tej’s next and Saidharam-Pawan Kalyan film.

For the fact that the director is investing his money back into the same industry he earned from, we have to praise him actually. Also, it is good to see such star directors now creating more work opportunities in the industry, while the end goal is to make some profits anyway.