#BiggBoss4: Audience Should Wait For 20 Days

Bigg Boss 4

At a time when TRPs are running low due to the advent of OTT content, Star MAA is hoping that their powerful dice will throw a huge dime for them. And that happens to be none other than the upcoming Bigg Boss 4 reality show.

With Akkineni Nagarjuna also sharing the program’s behind the scenes picture, surely the anticipation over the arrival of the show has increased. However, audiences have to wait for 20 more days as #BiggBoss4 is likely to get started from August 30th. With almost 20 days to go, that too in a lockdown situation, audiences might feel it the longest wait ever.

On the other hand, Bigg Boss is said to be making the necessary arrangements to send all the technical crew working on the show into quarantine such that neither the participants nor the support staff will risk Covid-19 at any cost. And Bigg Boss is said to have picked up a couple of extra contestants such that if anyone drops in the last minute, they will have a quick replacement.

The likes of Tarun, Shraddha Das and Poonam Kaur have ruled out chances of becoming part of Bigg Boss 4, while other probable candidates have kept quiet despite the rumours.

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