Pics: Funfilled Ladies Night Party

The happening ladies in the town had a party last night. Popular designer Shilpa Reddy celebrated her pre-birthday and partied with her besties. Mega sisters Niharika, Sushmita, and Sreeja joined the party along with Lakshmi Manchu, Lavanya Tripathi, and the social media sensation Niharika NM.

As Shilpa Reddy says, it was supposed to be a quiet get-to-know dinner and that turned out to be her crazy pre-birthday celebration party. They all mentioned Niharika NM as the reason for too much fun at the party.

The pictures and videos from the dinner party came out and it looks like they had fun all the time. Shilpa Reddy wrote, ‘What was supposed to be a quiet get-to-know dinner turned out to be my crazy pre-birthday celebration party.. Giggling, laughing, being goofy & silly with the girls Thank you all for making it so much fun for me. .. Icing on the cake was meeting our very own South star @niharika_nm Who .. I absolutely absolutely adore . knowing her in person was “ vere level “ fun .. so fortunate to hv seen her unedited crazy talent vibe 😄😄🤩 All that you would never get to see on Insta ..’

Manchu Lakshmi and Niharika shared that video where all the ladies are giggling, getting goofy and silly.