Trailer Talk: Taapsee Shines In Another Spanish Remake

While Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are popular for remakes among the seniors, the likes of Shahid Kapoor and Tiger Shroff are getting similar fame in the young heroes list. And now, it looks like curly-haired seductress Taapsee Pannu is also joining this list of heroes who indulge in remakes most of the time.

In recent times, more than her original movies, Taapsee has shot to fame with remakes of Spanish movies. She starred in “Badla” with Amitabh Bachhan which is a remake of “The Invisible Guest”, while “Loop Lapeta” is a remake of “Run Lola Run”. And she is now coming up with “Dobaaraa” which happens to be a remake of the superhit Spanish thriller “Mirage”, which is directed by Anurag Kashyap.

The story deals with that of a housewife who meets a boy through her old television set, and who had resided in the same building they are currently staying, but 26 years ago. It’s primarily a murder mystery and we have to say that Taapsee has excelled in all ways in this film’s trailer. No doubt, she got a good remake in hand, but we have to see how far that will impress the audience.

Taapsee’s upcoming film “Blurr” is also a remake, which is based on the Spanish film “Julia’s Eyes”. Except for Loop Lapeta, all other remakes starring Taapsee are Spanish movies only. Looks like she has become an ambassador for Spanish movies in India.