Bimbisara Craze: Surprisingly, Bookings Are Very Good

After a considerable gap, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is making his comeback on the silver screen with his latest outing Bimbisara. Directed by Vashishta, this socio-fantasy drama is hitting the theatres on August 5.

The bookings have opened already on all online ticketing portals. Surprisingly, the bookings are very good in spite of Kalyan Ram’s poor track record in the recent past.

The trailers and promos of Bimbisara created a good buzz around the film. Moreover, Kalyan Ram has been showing immense confidence in the movie’s success. On top of that, Jr NTR praised the film to the core and added that it will be the biggest hit in Kalyan Ram’s career while speaking at the pre-release event.

All these factors have raised the anticipation around the movie. The makers have arranged a special early morning premiere for the film at Bramarambha theatre (06.30 AM) in Kukatpally on August 5. Within a couple of hours, all tickets got sold out.

This proves the craze of the film. Even the trade folks are happy with Bimbisara’s advance bookings because it came in as a respite for them during these tough times. Now, they are praying for the movie’s success. It has to be seen if Bimbisara lives up to the expectations or not.