No Doubt, Darling Alia Bhatt Impresses

Calling that the movie is promoting domestic violence against males, many folks have started to trend the hashtag #BoycottAliaBhatt regarding the film “Darlings” that got released directly on Netflix.

However, after watching the movie, one can’t stop raving about the terrific performance delivered by Alia as a Muslim girl who suffers at the hands of her husband.

Playing the role of Badru, who marries Hamza (Vijay Varma) in what see as love marriage, Alia Bhatt gets tortured by her husband every night after he drinks. Finally, she decides to exact revenge after failing to change his habits.

The story is pretty simple as it explains how women in such households think domestic violence is a natural and normal thing, and what would happen if one of them decides to do the opposite. Alia has stunned everyone yet again with her terrific performance in this role that requires multiple emotions from the same scene.

She’s quite flawless in her devotion to the role that other characters played by the likes of Vijay Varma and Shefali Shah got overshadowed.

Though the movie’s drama appeared to be repetitive at one point of time, definitely Alia won’t disappoint even in such scenes. Director Jasmeet Reen extracted a brilliant output from the actress and this would be her another best treat after ‘Gangubhai Kathiawadi’ movie.