Kalyan Ram Reveals The Central Idea Of Bimbisara 2

Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara emerged as a successful film. The movie is still minting money at the ticket windows. Before the release, Kalyan Ram was asked if he has plans to release Bimbisara in Hindi and also if he is making it a franchise. The actor left some hints, but now he is on to it.

In a recent interview post Bimbisara’s success, Kalyan Ram was asked if he is working on Bimbisara sequel. Kalyan Ram spilled the beans on his ideas and even revealed the central plot of Bimbisara 2. The actor said the team is planning to elaborate the ‘prequel’ idea of Bimbisara for part 2.

Kalyan Ram said he had the script idea of the evolution of Bimbisara, his cruelty, rivalry with brother and what he did to his father and how he became a ruthless conquerer, for the next part. He said he just wanted Bimbisara to be successful with the budget he had for the movie. Now he is all into it and he promises of granduer and a bigger canvas for Bimbisara 2, the prequel.

Also, about releasing it in Hindi, Kalyan Ram and his director Vassist opined that it would be a good movie for Hindi audience as well. It looks like Kalyan Ram is into bigger plans this time with Bimbisara.