Dil Raju Gets Emotional, Clarifies Rumours

Of late, Dil Raju is in news in media for wrong reasons. Also, there were many rumours that he troubled hero Nikhil by adding pressure to postpone Karthikeya 2.

However, Dil Raju issued an official clarity on all these speculations. Dil Raju broke his silence and made an emotional speech at the film’s success event held today.

“I love cinema, and as long as I am alive, I will never do something that will damage any film,” said Dil Raju.

“We wanted to release Thank You on July 8th but then we postponed it to July 22nd. Karthikeya 2 team had the plan to release their film on August 22nd then. I asked them to alter their release date to which they agreed. However, the media came up with a lot of irrelevant stories against me,” said the producer.

Dil Raju became emotional while addressing the rumors that he tried to stop the release of Karthikeya 2. “I know Nikhil from the time he did Happy Days. I have a good relationship with him along with director Chandoo Mondeti, Abhishek and People’s Media Factory,” said Dil Raju, adding that the speculations in the media are baseless and he did not try to postpone Karthikeya 2 unnecessarily for his benefit.