Regina Surprised Fans By Swimming

During the Covid-19 lockdown, many heroines either resorted to teaching workouts or doing some cooking videos to fill up their Instagram grids. However, some heroines did the hungama initially but later they have slowed down and kept mum. And here comes dusky siren Regina Cassandra who is trying to be different after lockdown rules are a bit relaxed.

While indoor swimming pools are completely closed as Covid-19 might easily spread through the water contamination, Regina is now surprising her fans with her surfing and stand-up paddling acts in the sea. She’s going to the beach, travelling a bit into the sea with a gang of friends, then indulging in live-video sessions right from the middle of the sea.

Guess what, usually many heroines don’t appear on Instagram live without makeup but Regina is breaking all such norms as she appears not only without greasepaint but also showcasing her natural self. Her live videos consist of the actress spitting in the ocean, wetting her lips frequently and other stuff usually people do, but stars never showcase.

Though some of her followers might feel weird as to why Regina is going into the sea during these chilling rainy days for surfing, others are actually enjoying them a lot though they are surprised.

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