Anil Ravipudi Crossing His Limits For #NBK108?

Ace director Anil Ravipudi has faced a big embarrassment recently though he has done everything right. This is because, he has unwantedly increased the budgets of his latest movie “F3”, whose final production figures are close to what “F2” has collected from BO in its final run. And with F3 not reaching the mark, even Dil Raju faced the heat of it for going over the board in terms of budget.

Despite the fact that F3 didn’t work as expected, Anil is said to have shocked the producers of his upcoming film with Nandamuri Balakrishna by proposing an almost ₹70 crores budget.

If the publicity costs and over-heads are included, surely this will touch an ₹80 crores mark. Actually, Anil is said to have quoted this budget because Balayya’s previous film Akhanda was carved out by Boyapati in ₹65 crores budget and the film collected ₹69 crores ‘share’ from box office while digital and streaming rights fetched another ₹25+ crores.

But then, Boyapati making an action film when compared to Anil Ravipudi making such a movie is quite different. So asking ₹15 crores more than what Boyapati has spent on Akhanda is nothing but a suicide mission for the producers if at all things go wrong even in the slightest possible way. Currently the producers are said to be discussing the same with Balayya now and will give a clarity to Anil Ravipudi soon.