Video Talk: Mahesh & Sitara Impress In This Cool Melody

At a time when fans are going berserk with Mahesh Babu promoting the serials of Zee Telugu, now we have a full song released. Hopefully, this song should elate the fans and movie lovers as the Superstar and his daughter have put on a terrific show now.

‘Aarambam Okka Aduguthone’ says Superstar Mahesh as he does a full-length musical concept video for “Zee Telugu” channel to promote their latest TV serials. Featuring Mahesh along with his daughter Sithara Gattamaneni, the video is a nice melody that has some good moments between the father and daughter. No doubt, it is quite adorable to see the duo together in a song, which is a first of its kind.

All the visuals in the song are superb and Mahesh introduced many serials and the actors in them to the audience. Reports are coming that he will be featuring in some of the serials too for promotions sake. Anyway, for now the song looks good and before we get to see Mahesh on the silver screen with Trivikram’s film, this is something like a delicious starter to consume.