MEGASTAR – The Ultimate Symbol Of Motivation & Hard Work

What to say? All said and done, Megastar Chiranjeevi is the MEGASTAR for a reason, and his box office records, dances, fights, movies, charisma and whatnot, everything is known to us all. But more than this cinema angle, there is something that one should learn from this matinee idol. He’s not just a successful legendary icon, but an ultimate symbol of motivation and hard work. On his birthday, we would like to share how he motivates everyone on a daily basis.

The Family Man

First and foremost, the way Chiranjeevi celebrates and spends time with his family is awesome to see. He cooks dosas for his mom, praises Ram Charan for his work and appreciates Upasana for the way she does social work. He encourages all of his family’s youngsters to become heroes, gives them morale-boosting and helps them pick scripts as well. Why there are so many heroes coming from mega family alone? Because Chiranjeevi never discourages them and helps set a path forward for them. Look this, who would not learn how to take care of their families, in the mega way?

Hard Work Is His Second Name
At the age of 60, Chiranjeevi wanted to do a costume drama that involves visual effects and the kind of efforts he has poured in for Sye Raa tell us how hardworking as an actor he is. People who worked on Sye Raa told us millions of times how Chiru used to come at 6’0 clock to the sets, before everyone, and how he used to observe everything. And on the other side, he thinks about producers investment all the time, thereby worrying about the shooting times and trying to bring the number of production days down. That’s only possible if we work hard but nothing else.

Appreciate Others Like Anything
Whether it is singer Baby, Mahanati team, actor Satyadev, Jabardasth comedians or any other actors, writers, journalists or to that matter any talented persons, Chiranjeevi pats them on the back. When it comes to appreciating others, we must do it without any second thought as Chiru always believes that ‘encouragement’ is the key to anyone’s success. This is one positive sign many lacks and needless to say, looking at Chiru, we get motivated in that aspect.

Dear Chiranjeevi sir! May you celebrate many of these birthdays and continue inspiring us, motivating us to reach new heights and make us more proud as we always want to tell our next generation “we lived in the era of Megastar” wishes you the happiest birthday once again MEGASTAR

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