Sukumar Implements Baahubali Idea For Pushpa 2

Though it was planned to be a two-part movie, the makers and actors of Pushpa might have never anticipated the first part to become a magnanimous success. Now that the ‘Rise’ is a benchmark, the director Sukumar and Allu Arjun are putting every effort to raise the bar for the ‘Rule’.

In a way to carry on the work of Pushpa 2 in an efficient possible way, Sukumar is heard to be following Rajamouli. Baahubali is one of the very few films that was shot most of it in Ramoji film city. Rajamouli earlier planned to shoot Baahubali in Kurnool, but the inconvenience due to the crows arriving at the shooting spot, he shifted everything to RFC. Most importantly, he arranged the stay for all the artists and technicians in RFC so no time is wasted on the travel.

Now it is heard that Sukumar is following the same planning as Baahubli for his Pushpa 2. Sukumar also planned most of Pushpa 2 shoot in RFC and that starts from the 8th day of this month. It starts with an action episode choreographed by Dragon Prakash. A huge setwork is also underway for the same. Sukumar reportedly arranged the stay for his crew at RFC.

After the film city shoot, Pushpa 2 team will move to Bangkok and then Japan for only a few days shoot. Already Sukumar shot with Pushpa 2 actors without Bunny in it and Allu Arjun will be joining them from November 8th.

It looks like the scale and expectations on Pushpa 2 have been going up each day. It has to be seen if planning like Baahubali yields results like it.