Hanu-Man Teaser: The Rise Of A Superhero

The protagonist is relatively underpowered when compared to the man of doom, in superhero films. As a result, their victories mean all the more when they win. We have seen superheroes climb their way into being relevant, no matter the obstacles standing in their way.

However, creative director Prashanth Varma’s Hanu-Man with Teja Sajja is not a typical superhero film. We have many superheroes in our mythological stories and Hanuman is one among them. Prashanth Varma has chosen the powers of Lord Hanuman as the substance to make the original Indian superhero Hanu-Man.

The film’s teaser which is out now shows the rise of a superhero when evil tries to destroy the world. Hanumanthu gets all the superpowers of Lord Hanuma so that he can jump into hills and fight with the mace. What’s more, we get the sight of Lord Hanuma as he performs penance chanting Ram in a cave.

Prashanth Varma is a creative genius with a great vision and his exemplary work can be witnessed from start to end. Creating an original superhero based on the mighty Lord Hanuma and bringing him to the fantasy world of Anjanadri itself is a great idea. The best outcome is the result of top-notch graphics, exceptional cinematography, terrific background score, and sharp editing.

Teja Sajja delivered a remarkable performance and looked perfect to the core as a superhero. His screen presence is dynamic. A perfect villain is needed to give the elevation to the protagonist and Vinay Rai frightens with his villainy acts. Amritha Aiyer and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar also appeared in the teaser.

K Niranjan Reddy of PrimeShow Entertainment is producing Hanu-Man on a grand scale and the production standards are of top grade. On the whole, the teaser sets the bar high and it may not be an exaggeration to say now that the makers have a potential winner on hand.