#Pushpa2 Update: Only 5 Days Of Shoot Done

As there is no update from the makers of “Pushpa 2” regarding the film even on the first anniversary of “Pushpa” release, fans got shocked. To appease the upset fans, none other than director Sukumar and hero Allu Arjun have decided to share an update other day.

Gracing the event of Nikhil’s “18 Pages” pre-release, a film produced by Sukumar and Geetha Arts together, both Sukku and Allu Arjun shared interesting updates on the upcoming sequel. Director Sukumar confirmed that they have shot just 5 days, indirectly hinting that the teaser material they thought of releasing is not ready. However, he stated that Allu Arjun is a darling. “For Pushpa, he hasn’t even heard the story, but did the film just the moment I asked him,” says Sukku.

And then Allu Arjun confirmed that the reason for the delay is obviously Sukumar only. “I love him so much that I can’t ask him about the film’s delay. However, Pushpa 2 will be bigger than the first part as it will be ‘Assalu Taggedhe Le’. Had Sukumar not shared an update now, I would have revealed all the dialogues from the shoot”, the hero said.

Well, for now, those are the latest things about #Pushpa2, the official updates coming straight from the mouths of the horses.